Multi-State Consortiums

Multi-state consortiums represent an opportunity for significant benefits, but also present unique challenges.”

Korol Taylor, Senior Principal, Unemployment Insurance Practice
Korol Taylor

Multi-State Consortiums

Establishing a multi-state consortium can offer significant benefits, including sharing costs and leveraging best practices among the states. CSG provides planning and project assurance services to all three current consortiums in the U.S. Our UI experts have unequalled knowledge of the state-of-the-art in consortium development.

CSG'S Expertise in Action

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The MW Consortium and CSG


The states of Maryland and West Virginia (MW Consortium) have joined in a collaborative effort to modernize their UI Tax, Benefits, and Appeals systems.

UI Consortium Strategy, Planning, and PMO by CSG SM

The MW Consortium selected CSG to assist with strategy and planning activities during phase 1 of the implementation. CSG developed an in-depth feasibility study for the establishment of a common core information system to replace large portions of the states’ legacy systems. The study contained comprehensive functional and technical requirements and processes of each state, identifying commonalities, variations, and a core system architecture. It also contained a plan for moving the Consortium forward through system design, development, and implementation.

CSG is also providing PMO and procurement support services throughout phase 2 of the project. CSG is assisting with RFP activities and providing DDI vendor oversight; identification and management of risks and issues; control of the project integrated master schedule; and accurate tracking and reporting of project status throughout the implementation.

Maryland and West Virginia are committed to working together to realize the benefits of a multi-state consortium approach. CSG is here to help.

The Maine Department of Labor and the MRM Consortium


The Maine Department of Labor Bureau of Unemployment Compensation (BUC), along with the states of Rhode Island and Mississippi, formed the MRM Consortium - a collaborative effort to share the costs and benefits of a new UC Tax and Benefits System. The new UC System affects the work processes of hundreds of employees, and as it is put in place, BUC is preparing staff for the transition.


The State selected CSG to provide organizational change management and development services to prepare BUC staff for the management and cultural changes related to the new UC system. CSG assessed the impact on current job functions; identified new and modified positions needed for successful implementation; and developed communication, training, and governance programs to prepare staff.

MDOL has made a large investment in their UC program to promote the safety and economic well-being of the workforce and businesses in Maine. CSG is here to help the State achieve their program modernization goals.

The WyCAN Consortium and CSG


The states of Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona (the WyCAN Consortium) joined in a collaborative effort to modernize their UI Tax and Benefits systems. The Consortium selected CSG to provide IV&V services throughout the system development life cycle of the new multi-state system.


CSG implemented a rigorous IV&V process across all phases of the WyCAN implementation project. Our team assured the project produced high-quality deliverables and achieved its core objectives within tight budgetary and schedule limitations. CSG also provided ongoing risk assessments and mitigation strategies to WyCAN executives.

We utilized our Unemployment Insurance Center of Excellence and CSG REALizeā„  tools to assure the WyCAN project benefitted from our national expertise and best practices in IV&V and multi-state consortiums.

Supporting the Southeast Consortium


The states of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia (the Southeast Consortium)launched a collaborative effort to modernize their UI systems.

UI Consortium Feasibility Study Development

The Southeast Consortium selected CSG to conduct an in-depth feasibility study for the development of a common core information system to replace large portions of the states’ legacy systems. The study contains a comprehensive description of the business requirements and processes of each of the Consortium states, identifying common processes, individual state variations and a core system architecture. It also contains a plan for moving the Consortium initiative forward through design and implementation of the system.

CSG deployed our industry-leading CSG REALizeSM-UI collection of knowledge, techniques, and automated tools to inform and facilitate the projects.

The Southeast Consortium states are pursuing a vision to collaboratively modernize their UI systems. CSG is here to help.